Cape Town Attractions - Penguin Coast

Cape Town's Penguin Coast

What a marvellous city this is, I mean how many cities do you know of where you can watch the sunrise and sunset from opposite city coasts?

We'll share the Penguin Coast here on this page while for the more famous beaches of the Atlantic Coast click here.

  • Our Tip: Rather than just visiting the Penguin Coast area for a day from Cape Town it's best to base yourself here for a few days and experience all it has to offer. The Simon's Town Quayside Hotel is a good option.

You'll need a car to explore - book before you arrive and for the best rates give AutoEurope a try.


Boulders Beach Cape TownBoulders Beach

There are a whole lot of lovely beaches on this coast, from the famous surfing beaches of Muizenberg to St. James with its multi-hued beach huts.

The two I love most are St. James and, best of all, Boulders Beach with its famous penguins (click for more). This has to be one of Cape Town's top attractions; to sunbathe on a beach full of penguins is an incredible experience. Make sure you hide your valuables though....these are thieving little birds. 

Where to Stay on this Coast

Like I mentioned the Simon's Town Quayside Hotel is a good choice. However, should you wish to be nearer the penguins then you won't find better than the Cheriton Guest House.

Cape Town AttractionsSt James Beach

Best Towns

It's not only stunning beaches that await you but great little coastal towns too. Here are the ones not to miss...

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay

Not much of a beach but a fabulous little town with a unique atmosphere. If you're visiting Cape Town's Penguin Coast you really must spend a little time in Kalk Bay. From the Brass Bell to Olde England here's everything you need to see in Kalk Bay.

Simon's Town

Simon's Town

The heart and soul of this coast is Simon's Town. It's South Africa's oldest town and still feels very “colonial” while strangely reminding me a little of New Orleans.  Here's all the info on this little gem.

Gordon's Bay

Gordons Bay Beach

A little out of Cape Town and on the edge of Cape Town's famous wine region is tiny Gordon's Bay.  A spectacular setting and lovely beaches get Gordon's Bay a place in the top coastal towns. I love the blue rocks and stinky trees too - discover them for yourself here.

Pringle Bay & Kogel Bay

Kogel Bay

Now we are really getting out of the city, yet it is only an hour's drive from Cape Town. This is where you come to discover stunning beaches and the wilds of Africa. A region where you may well find ostriches or even baboons keeping you company as you explore the coastline. Here's more.

Map of the Area

For attractions on Cape Town's more famous Atlantic Coast click here.

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