4 Exceptional Coastal Hotels in Italy

Coastal hotels in Italy are all the same... bla bla bla. Well most of them are but then there are these 4 hotels...

Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Coast

You may travel the seven seas and the coastlines of every continent yet discover that there is one coast you'll forever long to return to... the Amalfi Coast.  If you are traveling from far off lands to visit Amalfi then it is worth making sure you have the prime spot on the coast reserved for you. That spot is waiting for you at the Hotel Santa Caterina.

Hotel Danieli - Venice

You'll live and breathe centuries of Venetian history throughout this 14th century palace.

Feel like royalty, enjoy the pampering and eat like kings and queens.  It is so good that if this hotel wasn't in Venice you wouldn't want to step out the door.

It is in Venice though...  and you'll want to explore.

Make sure you give yourself a good four days so you can get to see some of the lesser known attractions of Venice and enjoy the Danieli Experience in full. Here is more about the hotel.

Hotel Porto Roca on the Cinque Terre

If there's one Italian coast that rivals the Amalfi Coast in the battle to capture your soul it is the Cinque Terre. Personally, I can't decide.  Why not visit them both so that you can make up your own mind?  The perfect hotel on the Cinque Terre itself is the Porto Roca Hotel.

Hotel Caesar Augustus - Island of Capri

I was in tears the first time I set foot on the Island of Capri. I felt a sense of belonging, an indescribable feeling of joy and happiness. I was in tears when I left too - I couldn't bear the thought of not waking up to the sights and sounds of this little island.  Don't just come over to the island for the day, rather stay a few nights and don't deprive yourself... spend those nights at the Hotel Caesar Augustus.

Where are the Best Coastal Hotels in Italy?

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