Wilderness Beaches & Forest Pools

Once upon a time the east coast of South Africa between Mossel Bay (north of Cape Town) and Port Elizabeth was filled with forests of huge trees, where exotic birds sung alluring songs and strange little creatures lived in the shadows.

Wilderness is one of the last places to still experience these coastal forests, combined with spectacular coastlines and huge beaches that seem to stretch on to forever and back.

The strange little creatures are still around too and occasionally popping into restaurants - read on for more...

The Beaches

The most spectacular beach is the one near the Inn2Wilderness Guest House where we normally stay. It's a bit of a hike down the hillside to get there but it is worth the effort....the beach is spectacular!

You stand upon this huge expanse of powdery soft sand with soaring cliffs of verdant green vegetation behind you and crashing waves before you.

Above it all you'll see eagles soaring and friendly dolphins often come close to shore to join in the fun.

There aren't any lifeguards so don't go in too deep as the rip-tide can be strong.

If you're travelling with young children then the main beach is a better option.

To get there walk through the underpass that leads from just in front of the Girls Restaurant in the town centre.

It's a huge beach so you'll always have more than enough space for your beach towels and umbrella. Try to find a spot near the little river that flows into the beach and provides hours of fun for children.

Where to Stay

For total luxury the Xanadu Guest Villa is fabulous. Its beach location out of this world and everything else is pretty much perfect too.

If you'd prefer something less expensive then the excellent Inn2Wilderness is a great option and it is right down the road from the most stunning of all Wilderness beaches that I mentioned earlier.

Where to Eat

Civet at The GirlsGenet at The Girls

The Girls is top of my list – the food is always excellent and I love the little Cape Genet who occasionally visits.

Avoid Salinas Beach Restaurant.

What to Do

Wilderness Forest PoolsOn the way to the waterfall pool

There is so much to do here it is hard to decide where to begin. Of course you'll want to go to the beach, which I've already spoken about - once you are done with the beach try the following:

Head to Dolphin Point for a view you'll never forget. A view of towering cliffs, tumbling down to a river that flows into an ocean where whales and dolphins play.

There are also a few good beaches in the river mouth and a spectacular railway bridge above.

Hire a canoe (your hotel or guest house will be able to help you with this) and paddle up the Touws River - it takes around an hour until you reach the second part of the Half-Collared Kingfisher trail that leads to the rock pools.

Leave the canoe and walk another forty minutes, mostly along a boardwalk, to get there.

Rock pools in the midst of lush forests more your thing? Then you'll love the pool at the end of the Brown-Hooded Kingfisher Trail.

Splash about in waters of invigorating freshness while a towering waterfall cascades down from jungle covered cliffs.

Spectacular birds and butterflies flash rainbow colours and tiny frogs have as much fun as you showing off their jumping and swimming skills...unforgettable.

Map of Wilderness

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