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Which island in the Seychelles is the one for you? Browse through our Seychelles pictures, taken on the 6 most beautiful islands in the archipelago, and find the answer...


The biggest of all the islands and home to probably the loveliest of all the Seychelles beaches and the Four Seasons Resort - the most gorgeous resort in the Seychelles. Mahe is home to the only real town on the islands too - the capital city of Victoria.  Find out all you need to know about Mahe here.

La Digue

If I had to choose just one island to visit then La Digue would be my choice. Paradise is often overused when describing islands but La Digue is in every way paradise.  The stress seems to simply melt away the moment you set foot on the pretty little jetty.  Start your trip planning for La Digue now.

La Digue JettyLa Digue Jetty

Fregate Private Island

Things don't get much more exclusive, or expensive, than Fregate Private Island. If you can afford it you're in for an experience of a lifetime. Find all the information you need here.


Not quite as exclusive as Fregate but still pretty exclusive, really luxurious and gorgeously beautiful. It isn't a private island as there are a few hundred people living on what is the third biggest Island in the Seychelles; however, there is only one resort on the island. Here are the details.

Bird Island

Bird Island may be only a tiny speck in the vastness of the Indian Ocean but you'll find it takes up a lot of your thoughts once you get back home. Hardly a moment passes when you won't recall your time on this island of emerald greens and sun-bleached beaches, lost in a world of blue. If you really want to escape from it all Bird Island is the one to choose. Click to read more about Bird Island.

Bird IslandBird Island


On the steep slopes of the interior are forests which were once believed to be the Garden of Eden; where the extremely rare coco de mer still grows and tropical birds and butterflies thrive. Far below the lush forests are endless white beaches and translucent seas of tanzanite blue. Praslin may be the second biggest island in the Seychelles but it's still only home to 8,000 of the friendliest people I've ever met. Click for more about this gorgeous island, an island I could easily live on for many years - or maybe forever.

Beach on Praslin IslandBeach on Praslin Island

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