Anse Lazio - Beach Perfected

I've written about hundreds of beaches around the world - from Bora Bora to the Caribbean but Anse Lazio really stands out for me... it's magnificent. One of the best beaches in the entire Seychelles.

Anse Lazio

When we rate beaches we have a checklist of 9 points; things like water clarity, sand colour and texture, natural setting etc. Each point gets rated out of 10 - giving a maximum score of 90.

Hardly any beach ever gets past 60 on our beach rating system... this one got to 85. One of our highest scores ever.

The Beach

Everything about this beach is perfect.

Sand that shines silver in the morning turns golden as the day ends. Out at sea the warm sparkling waters range from baby blue to royal blue, while rainbow hued fish race, like naughty little children, between solemn turtles and gliding stingrays.

If you need shade there's plenty provided by the huge granite boulders and gently swaying palm trees.

Little children will love the shallow sea which ebbs and flows with only a few small waves - just enough to add to the fun without being dangerous. Keep an eye on them though as at low tide you don't have to go out that far before the sea gets suddenly deeper. A good idea is to let them swim in the netted-off section in the middle of the beach - this is watched over by lifeguards and the net keeps bigger fish and things like turtles and rays out. 

For snorkelers the best area is around the rocks at the right hand side of the beach as you look out to sea - in my experience this beach offers the best snorkeling from the beach in the entire Seychelles. Wear coral shoes though as the coral can be sharp and you don't want to stand on a stingray - actually that applies also if you are swimming here as well. The only area where there are no stingrays is in the netted area.

Bring a picnic with you if you are spending the day or you'll need to get something to eat and drink at the rather expensive restaurants just back of the beach.

Turtle in the Seychelles

Getting to Anse Lazio

Arriving by car? It's a lovely drive around the island along the coastal road. Anse Lazio is located in the top northeastern corner of the island. Once you arrive you'll find plenty of shady parking behind the beach; the parking area is right next to an enclosure with huge tortoises that you can feed with the leaves provided. If you arrive with children it can be an effort to drag them away from the tortoises and to the beach :-) Also, don't park under a coconut tree - they are the biggest cause of damage to rental cars in the Seychelles.

Catching the bus? You'll need to get off quite a way before the beach - take the 61 bus that says Anse Boudin or the 62 to Zimbabwe (a little inland from Anse Boudin). In both cases you'll get off at Anse Boudin - ask the driver to let you know when you are there. Once you get off the bus you've got a twenty minute walk up a rather steep hill.

Free shuttles are offered by many hotels, like the Coco de Mer and Black Parrot Suites.

Walking: If you're staying at the world-famous and multiple award winning Raffles Praslin then you can walk to the beach.

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