The Best Beach in the Seychelles

Which is the best beach in the Seychelles? To find the answer we needed day after day, week after week of research. We'd visit each beach over and over again, swim and float in seas ranging from azure to sapphire to indigo blue. We even tested the softness of the sand with our own specially developed sandcastle building test...

The Best Beach in the SeychellesOn the way to Anse Source d'Argent

It was on La Digue that we expected to find the best beach of all - the famous Anse Source d'Argent.

We spent a lot of time on this beach, which everyone else seems to call the best beach in the Seychelles.  Actually, although we loved the beach, our favourite beach in the Seychelles turned out to be Petit Anse on Mahe - which you can read about here.   

Still, La Digue was wonderful and the beaches breathtakingly gorgeous. We'll get onto the beaches of La Digue in a moment but let me just share why there's way more to La Digue than just beaches...

Why La Digue?

To me La Digue is like the world 50 years ago. Time passes very slowly and everybody has time to to sit and chat or simply to watch the world pass by.  When you're living in paradise watching life drift by is one of the greatest pleasures imaginable.

You can experience La Digue in three ways:

  • In luxury at one of the few upmarket hotels, 
  • At a great value guest house 
  • As a day trip from Praslin but don't do that - La Digue deserves way more than a day trip.

It needn't be expensive either - we normally stay at the Domaine Les Rochers  (the best guest house on the island) or at Oceane Self Catering. Both are superb value.

If it's a special occasion you're celebrating on La Digue then your choice must be the number one luxury hotel  Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie or, in second spot, the Le Repaire Botique Hotel.

The Best Beaches

Being a family of three we couldn't agree unanimously on any beach at first, except number one.  Eventually though we narrowed things down to four beach ....

Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source D'Argent

Even National Geographic rates this beach as the "Best Beach in the World". To say it is stunning, gorgeous, beautiful doesn't come close to describing it. No adjective or photo can ever do it justice so add it to your bucket list and visit in person. Here's all you need to know.

Anse Patates

Anse Patates

I really love this little beach. It's not big but it is as pretty as a postcard and shielded from the wind. Snorkeling is up with the best on the island and it is never crowded. If you get here really early the sand is banana coloured while later in the day it turns silvery white. Read more on Anse Patates Beach.

Anse Severe

Anse Severe, La Digue, Seychelles

A long and beautiful stretch of soft sand where turquoise seas lap gently at your toes. Behind the beach palm trees whisper in the summer breeze and a beach bar has coconuts and tropical fruits waiting to cool you down. Click to go to the beach.

Grand Anse

Grand Anse

Pretty much as gorgeous as the previous beaches but strong currents make it dangerous to swim. The granite rocks here are breathtaking and down a secret path, through enchanting forest, lies another little beach of equal beauty.  Click to visit the wild side of paradise.

How to Get About

Bicycle La Digue

There are only twenty cars (mostly taxis and a few delivery vans) on the island so best thing to do is to rent a bicycle.  You'll find dozens of places renting bikes in and around the jetty.

Rates range from 80 to 150 Rupees a day so it pays to shop around a little. Try and get a fairly decent one with gears, you'll be pleased you took my advice when you "enjoy" the hill climb across the island to Grand Anse or up to the view point at Bellevue.

The other option is to take an ox-cart, or one of the truck buses, which have wooden benches in the back. 

Bus on La DigueTruck/Bus

Getting to La Digue

The only way to get to La Digue is by boat or helicopter. Most people take the ferry over from Praslin, which takes 15 minutes. You can find more details on

When to Visit

Every day is a perfect day in the Seychelles and any day is a good day to visit. If you want more specific information then our weather guide has everything you need to know.

Other Things to Do

Jetty on La Digue, Seychelles

Take a boat trip out to Felicite and Coco Island with Nevis Ernest. You can call him on 2515557 or just ask for him at the jetty once you've arrived on the island, everyone knows Nevis.  His full day boat trips are truly bucket-list memorable -  you'll enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the Seychelles, see some stunningly beautiful islands and enjoy a traditional Creole island-style BBQ on the beach. What more could you want?

Where to Eat

Takeaway on La Digue

Most people tend to come on a package deal and eat only at their hotel...boring!

Rather experiment a little and try, at least once, the  very reasonable takeaways which you'll find all around town. They serve traditional creole dishes at great prices. Sometimes it is out of this world and other times not so much - go lunchtime rather than for dinner beause the evening meals are often made up of lunch leftovers.

The one I like is Kwen Ideal.  It doesn't look like much but the food is delicious. You'll find it by taking a right from the jetty road and then the first left.

For a more complete meal, and a romantic sunset view, head up to Snack Bellevue for dinner.  It's right up on top of the hill, with views across the island and across the sea to three or four other islands. It is a bit of a walk or cycle so rather phone ahead and they'll pick you up and drop you off at home for free - their number is: 2527856.

Our Tip:  Get yourself a copy of the Bradt Travel Guide to the Seychelles before leaving home.

Cycling on La DigueThe family cycling near Anse Patates

Where is La Digue?

More of the Seychelles

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