Along the Amalfi Coast

Everyone has heard of the Amalfi Coast and its legendary beauty. Many say that once you've visited here you'll never be the same again... for evermore you'll long to return.

You've been warned!

I miss it like crazy whenever I'm away and I count the days until I can return.  

I smell jasmine or lemons and I feel like crying. Nothing brings back memories for me of this coast more than the scent of jasmine and of lemons – they seem to symbolize this part of Italy for me.

Amalfi LemonsLemons for Sale - Amalfi Coast - by Nicole Morieau

Where is the Amalfi Coast?

Traditionally the Amalfi Coast runs along the coast from Positano to Amalfi (the town itself) and beyond, however I've also included couple of the awe-inspiring islands that lie off its shores.

One is famous throughout the world. You've probably guessed that I'm talking about the Isle of Capri with its famous Blue Grotto.

Another one lies north of Capri and this is Procida – a beautiful island of enchantment.

Click for a map of the area.

Where to Stay

There are a handful of simply superb hotels and bed & breakfasts scattered right across the Amalfi Coast.

One of the loveliest is the Santa Caterina which is a hotel that has to have about the finest location on earth, the first photo on this page was taken there.

Another fabulous option is the Villa TreVille, where the photo above was taken. 

Tours of the Area

It's quite easy to explore on your own, either by car or by using public transport, but if you'd prefer to do a tour (great if you've only a limited time) then these are some good options.

What to See?



A fjord of warm sunshine leading to a beach where a medieval village climbs the hill behind. This is the top beach in the area and one of the loveliest of all Amalfi Coast destinations. Read about it here.


Small and quaint Praiano may be but it will charm you with its vibrant colors and pretty-as-a-postcard views. Here's our guide to Praiano.


Probably the most famous of all the towns on this coast and the town the coast derives its name from. It really is something super special - click to discover its secrets.


Many of the photos most commonly associated with the Amalfi Coast are actually of Positano. Each house is a color from a rainbow and they are all jumbled about on their steep hillside above the sea. It is gorgeous in every way. Let's explore the town.

Atrani (one of Italy's loveliest towns)

Hardly changed for centuries this is the town that many visitors miss but those who love the “real” Italy will find it to be irresistible. This then is the secret gem of the Amalfi Coast.


The perfect base. Far more affordable than any of the other towns. Easier to get to as well and with lots of public transport options (boats and buses) to visit the  entire Amalfi Coast. It isn't only the location and affordability of Salerno, not at all. Salerno is wonderful too - the perfect place to experience authentic southern Italian warmth and culture. Discover what so many miss.


The Isle of CapriCapri by Fernando Rezende

Isle of Capri

Who hasn't heard of the Isle of Capri and the famous Blue Grotto. There's much more to the island than just an absolutely awesome cave though. Discover all there is to see here.


Pink and apricot cottages with fishing boats of every hue dotting an azure sea. This is such a special little island and tourists haven't really discovered it yet. Here's what awaits you.


The Path of the Gods

Perhaps the most famous of all Italian walks and arguably the most beautiful too. Put on your walking shoes and let's go...

From the Terrace of the Gods

This is one of my favorite walks and it is all downhill too.  So, should you desire to experience the real Amalfi Coast, without thousands of other tourists around, then head out on this walk.

Map of the Area


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