5 Best Beaches in the Seychelles

anse-gaulettes-beach-seychelles.jpgThe Seychelles has some of the BEST beaches in the world

Which are the best beaches in the Seychelles? The ones you really don't want to miss... we've the answer...

1) Petit Anse/Four Seasons Beach on Mahe

This beach is the absolute best! It came in at the top of our "Best Beaches in the World" list and thoroughly deserved to be there. Soft white sands with palms gently waving in the breeze, calm and crystal clear waters... basically all you'd expect from the perfect beach.

It can be difficult to get to, if you don't stay at the Four Seasons Resort, but it can be done. Here's all you need to know about making this truly perfect beach yours.

Petit AnsePetit Anse on Mahe

2) West Beach on Bird Island

West Beach is the loveliest of all the Bird Island beaches; however, this whole island is a paradise and all of the half-a-dozen beaches are superb. Each offers something a little different - one has turtles, another birds... lots of birds. Even if you just want to sit in the sun and do nothing but relax Bird Island has a beach for that. Any bucket list without Bird Island on it isn't worth being called a bucket list. Discover the magic of Bird Island here.

Canoe in the Indian OceanBird Island

3) Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue

The most famous beach in the Seychelles and the one most people will tell you is number one. Make no mistake it is stunning and only two things cost it top spot for us: the fact that there are always more people on this beach than on most other beaches in the Seychelles and the sand isn't as powdery soft as many of the other Seychelles beaches. Still gorgeous though - here is more about it.

Anse Source d'ArgentAnse Source d'Argent, La Digue Island

4) Anse Lazio on Praslin

Top of the list for snorkeling from the beach. You swim out only a short distance from the beach and suddenly you are surrounded by clouds of tropical fish, rays, turtles. It's just like swimming in a tropical fish tank!  

They've got a great closed off section watched over by lifeguards which makes the beach very safe for younger children.  Sand is soft and white - perfect for sandcastles and behind the beach are giant tortoises that they can feed with the food provided. For lots more essential information on the beach click here.

Anse Lazio on Praslin IslandAnse Lazio on Praslin Island

5) Anse Georgette

The sunsets from Anse Georgette are some of the best in the Seychelles - truly spectacular. The beach itself is great too, although swimming is the worst of all the beaches as the sea can get a little rough at times and the currents can be dangerous if you venture out too far. Here's all you need to know about Anse Georgette.

Anse Georgette on Praslin IslandSunset from Anse Georgette

Where are these Beaches?

More of the Seychelles Archipelago

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