Anse Georgette - Tropical Heaven

Want a beach that truly is tropical heaven? The type of beach you see in brochures? Anse Georgette is that beach. It's also the beach with the best sunsets in the Seychelles.

Sunset in the Seychelles

Getting Here

Constance Lemuria EntranceEntrance to Constance Lemuria

Anse Georgette, on Praslin's north-west coast, is surrounded by the dreamy Constance Lemuria resort. Although the beach doesn't belong to them, they don't have to allow you through their resort to access it.

So what are you to do?

Well you have three options in order to access one of the loveliest beaches in the entire Seychelles:

1) Stay at the Constance Lemuria. Great if you can afford it.

2)  Stay at the far more affordable Residence Praslinoise and Jacqueline (the Residence Praslinoise Manager) will arrange entry for you into Constance Lemuria.

3) Take an expensive boat trip to the beach.

Assuming you can get in best is to catch the bus or drive to the entrance of Lemuria. You'll need to leave your car in the road outside the gate. If you're coming by bus ask the driver where you need to get off as the stop is easy to miss - once you're off the bus walk down the short road to the entrance.

Once Inside

Don't think that the beach is waiting for you on the other side of the gate. Once you're inside the resort you've still got a kilometer to walk - much of it uphill too. The good news is that it's a beautiful walk.

The Constance Lemuria ResortConstance Lemuria Clubhouse

First landmark once you are through the gate is the golf clubhouse on your left.

Path to Anse Georgette

A little way past the clubhouse you'll see the sign pointing to the beach. This path winds through the golf course until you eventually get to the beach.

Golf Course, SeychellesGolf Course Path to Beach
Constance Lmuria Golf CourseNearly There!

The Beach

Next to a putting green the path suddenly becomes narrower, leading through dense vegetation. Then you are on the beach.

Pond near Anse Georgette

First thing you'll see is a little fresh water river where eels, frogs and small children play.

On Anse Georgette

It's every bit as beautiful as Anse Lazio, certainly one of the top five beaches in the Seychelles and the sunsets, as mentioned earlier, are the best in the the entire Seychelles.  

You can swim in the sea but the currents can be strong, the waves are bigger than most beaches in the Seychelles and the water gets deep fairly quickly.

Young children might be better off in the little river at the back of the beach, however, teenagers and adults might well enjoy jumping about in the waves and doing a little bodysurfing.  I certainly did and so did my 13-year-old son.

Snorkeling spot in the SeychellesSnorkeling Spot

The right side of the beach, as you look out to sea, offers the best snorkeling - go out to where the rocks end.

Snorkeling in the Seychelles

One of my favourite spots is by the big granite rock on the left side of the beach - the resort often builds little palm shade huts here too.

Anse Georgette Beach
Forest and Beach

At the back of the beach there are some shady areas should the sun get a bit much. Funny thing with the sun in the Seychelles is that I seem to be able to take much more of it before getting burned - no idea why. Many others say they don't burn under the Seychelles' sun either, they simply go a golden brown. 

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