Grand Anse Beach

The wild east coast of La Digue is home to the biggest beach on this Seychelles island - Grand Anse Beach - a spectacular stretch of silver sand, framed by granite rocks and watched over by waving palm trees.  It seems completely different to the other beaches on the island like Anse Source d'Argent.

Here there is none of that gentle lapping water or manicured looking nature. It's much wilder and for that reason some fall in love with its wild streak.

Grand Anse BeachGrand Anse Beach

A surfer told me that this beach is like a wild mustang whereas the other beaches are like dressage horses - I agree. If your spirit is more in tune to the wild and free spirit of a mustang then this beach is for you!

In fact, it reminds me of one of those windswept Atlantic Coast beaches you find in Cape Town.

Getting to Grand Anse Beach

We normally stay at Les Domaine les Rochers, in the little town near the jetty. It's the area where nearly everyone on the island stays and from the town you'll need to hire a bicycle and ride over the hill to the eastern coast. From the jetty in town you head in the direction of Anse Source d'Argent -  turn left just after the Cable & Wireless offices on your right - then just follow the signs.  

There's a fair bit of uphill involved so rent a bike with gears, if you get too hot there's a juice bar on the hill, just at that point where you think you'll have to get off and pedal or collapse in despair.  

On the Beach

A lot of beach awaits. The currents are strong though so a lot of people only go in waist deep to cool off. You'll need a dip too after all the uphill cycling involved in getting here.

When you first arrive you'll see a parking area with lots of bikes and a little path that leads to the beach bar in the photo below. Grab yourself a cool drink and find your perfect spot.

The right end (as you look out to sea) has some beautiful granite rocks but the beach is rockier. Still, there are some patches of silky soft sand where there's more than enough space for you, your family, and a few beach towels. Most times you'll have the section all to yourself.

Beach Bar on La DigueGrand Anse Beach Bar

The Rocky End of Grand Anse

Granite rocks at the end of Grand AnseGranite Rocks at the End of Grand Anse
Flowers in the eychellesFlowers on Grand Anse

The Sandy Side of Grand Anse

Head along to the left side of the beach and you'll find more people and more sand.  It is so soft and fine that it doesn't even seem like it is made of grains of sand but more like flour. 

Sandy beach on La DigueSandy Side of Grand Anse

Petite Anse & Anse Cocos

From Grand Anse there's a little path that takes you over the hill and back down to Petite Anse - the walk takes about twenty minutes but the views alone are worth the trip.

To me Petite Anse is pretty much a smaller duplicate of Grand Anse - you still can't swim here, as the currents are too strong, but enjoy sitting on the sands and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore. There are always less people here than on Grand Anse - although I've never seen Grand Anse crowded.  

If Grand Anse has thirty people on it then Petite Anse will have ten.

If you'd prefer it to be only you on the beach then walk another thirty minutes to Anse Cocos. The path starts from the middle of Petite Anse. To call it a path is a bit of an exaggeration and I got lost in forests and fields before I found my way.  Look out for arrows hung on trees - I never saw them, but I believe they do exist. 

Anse Cocos is that deserted island beach where you can imagine yourself a castaway and lost to the cares and worries of the modern world.

After the two hour Survivor style trek, lost in tropical jungle getting here (rather than the supposed thirty minutes), I felt I never wanted to leave and didn't have the energy to either.

I eventually made it home though... and now forever dream I was back on this lonely beach in paradise. 

Path to Petite AnsePath to Petite Anse
Where the path to Petite Anse beginsThe Path from Grand Anse to Petite Anse

Anse Cocos

Anse CocosFootprints on Anse Cocos

The only footprints you're likely  to see on Anse Cocos are your own.

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