Fond Ferdinand Reserve

They once believed that this enchanting forest, on the tropical island of Praslin, was the Garden of Eden.

I can see why.

It's so other-worldly that you expect to see dinosaurs crashing through the jungle at any minute. A forest from long, long ago and unlike any other you'll ever see. Yet, a kindly forest, not one filled with dreadful diseases, dangerous creatures and danger around every corner.

This instead is a forest of only good things, a forest of plenty... the Garden of Eden?

Fond Ferdinand

The famous coco de mer coconut trees grow in two reserves: the Vallee de Mai and the Fond Ferdinand.

The Vallee de Mai costs three times the price, is far more commercialized, six times smaller, has less coco de mer trees and isn't as lovely.

Most tourists only know about the Valle de Mai and miss out on the wonderful Fond Ferdinand.

 It was only thanks to the wonderful Jacqueline from  Residence Praslinoise that we discovered Praslin's best kept secret on our last visit to the island.

Getting Started

You can get to the reserve by bus or by car - the reserve isn't even on Google maps so ask your hotel etc. for directions.  

If you come by bus just let the driver know you want to get off at Fond Ferdinand.

From the road you walk up a short path to the ticket office. Entrance is 100 Rupees - the fee includes your own personal guide (mine was an incredibly knowledgeable guy). 

You are likely to have the place to yourself too.

Ticket office

Blue Eyed Eel & Rasta Festival Tree

Rasta Palm

I loved these trees, our guide explained that the dried "fronds" turn black and they use them as "rasta" hair at festivals.

Blue-Eyed Eel

You might be lucky enough to see a blue-eyed eel. This one is so tame you can feed him by hand and pet him.

The Coco De Mer

The Coco De Mer coconut only grows wild on Praslin Island. The aphrodisiac fruit of the young coconut is supposedly so delicious that once tasted you'll forever crave it.

Nowadays you can't taste it - it's a forbidden fruit.

Stealing one from a tree will get you five years in jail - stealing two will get you ten years etc.. Some of the old ones that fall from the trees are sustainably collected and sold to tourists.

Coco de Mer CoconutsCoco De Mer Coconuts
Coco De Mer CoconutsCoco de mer coconuts germinating in the forest

Fond FerdinandYoung Coco De Mer

Inside the Forest

Once you get into the forest you realise why they believed this to be the Garden of Eden.

It truly is like nothing I've ever seen before.  

Ferns and creepers languish at your feet, huge canopies of strange trees tower over you, and the manic laughter and chatter of tropical birds assails you as you pass.

Every now and again a lizard appears, as if tailing you through the reserve, and, if you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of a haughty chameleon sticking his tongue out at some fantastical looking insect.

Coco De Mer ForestForest Canopy
Palm Tree Forest
Forest on Praslin, Seychelles
Pathway in a Tropical ForestPath to the Viewpoint
Dense Jungle

On Top of the World

After an enjoyable walk you suddenly find yourself above the forest canopy.

The views across Praslin and out across La Digue will take your breath away... if the walk hasn't done so already.

From up here you can see ten islands stretching out across the horizon. 

Definitely put the Fond Ferdinand near the top of your Seychelles bucket list.

View from Fond Ferdinand10 Island View

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