The Best Beach in Sardinia

Best Beach in SardiniaThe Way to Cala Luna

Sardinia is an island I fell in love with many years ago and with every visit my love for this Mediterranean island has continued to grow.

Years of exploring the island has led to our discovering the best beaches. Not only are they the best beaches in Sardinia, they are the best in Italy. In fact you'll find no better in Europe.

Let's explore...

Photo by Vasile 23 - shared under Flickr's Creative Commons License

Where are the Best Beaches?

Although you'll find great coastlines and beautiful beaches throughout the island, there are two areas that are exceptional enough to make it onto Exquisite Coasts.

These are the Costa Smeralda & Maddalena Islands and the east of the island - around Cala Gonone on the Gulf of Orosei.

To me the beaches around Cala Gonone and the Gulf of Orosei are not only the best beaches in Sardinia but the best beaches I've seen anywhere in Europe.

You can find a map of the areas at the bottom of the page.

Gulf of Orosei

Around Cala Gonone

Gulf of OroseiCala Mariolu

Photo by Vasile 23 - shared under Flickr's Creative Commons License

Whenever my family and I visit this area we stay at the lovely Bue Marino in Cala Gonone - the perfect base from which to explore.  It is from Cala Gonone that the boats to the beaches leave.

These are the four beaches I love most - click the name of the beach for more on each one:

  • Bidderosa -In a nature reserve and perfect for families.
  • Cala Mariolu - The name means Seal Beach and many consider it to be the best beach in Sardinia.
  • Goloritzè -  Here's a beach that is so good it has been declared a National Monument.
  • Cala Luna - Legendary Half-Moon Beach.

Now let's head off to the beaches of the Costa Smeralda...

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smerala

Every beach on the Costa Smeralda is lovely but there are a few that are truly out of this world – these are the best of them:

Spiaggia del Principe

Named after the Aga Khan – the man who in the sixties turned a dreamy piece of forgotten coastline into a mecca for the rich and the famous. The Aga Khan and many of the famous celebrities have moved on to other more “fashionable” bits of this coastline leaving this lovely beach for humble folk who are happy to have nothing to do with glamour and glitz. Here's more on this stunning beach.

Rene Bianca

Well this one is a very pretty beach and a very popular one too. Being small it can get crowded, despite that it is the perfect beach for families. Click for more about Rene Bianca.

The Maddalena Islands

Not really one beach but a whole lot of beaches scattered around these islands situated off the coast of Sardinia. Best of the lot is the famous Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) found on Budelli Island. Discover this and the other Maddalena beaches here.

 Map of the Best Beaches in Sardinia

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