Cala Luna Beach

Many beach experts rate Cala Luna (Moon Beach) as the best beach in Sardinia and in the entire Mediterranean.

Well, I may not have a degree in beachology but I have done hours of painstaking research; involving walking on beaches, sitting on beaches and swimming in the seas off exquisite coasts around the world.

My very unscientific research has brought me to the conclusion that the “qualified” experts aren't far wrong.

It's a hard choice though as other Sardinian beaches like Cala Mariolu and Bidderosa are gorgeous too.

Cala Luna BeachOn the Way to Cala Luna

Photo by Vasile 23 - shared under Flickr's Creative Commons License.

Where to Start?

If you are visiting my advice is to stay in Cala Gonone (see map at bottom of the page). Cala Gonone is the perfect base for exploring this beach and the many others on the Gulf of Orosei.

Our Tip: We always stay at the Bue Marino, I really can recommend this family run hotel, it's right on the beach and five minutes walk from where the boats leave to Cala Luna.

About the Beach

Cala Luna, Sardinia

Italians say the beauty of this little cove will bring tears to the eyes and joy to the soul - always believe an Italian!

The shallow waters make it ideal for little children, the clearness makes it perfect for snorkelers and the beautiful views and warm seas are heaven for those who love simply floating on their backs embraced by cobalt blue.

Take plenty to drink with you as it can get very hot and the bar on the beach is super expensive. If things get too hot you can always get a little shade in the cool caves behind the beach.

Getting to Cala Luna

Beaches in Sardinia

Photo by Vasile 23 - shared under Flickr's Creative Commons License.

Like I mentioned, we normally visit Cala Luna beach by boat from Cala Gonone (the Bue Marino is right by the port) and, unless you are a really experienced hiker and prepared for a hectic hike from Cala Fuili, it's the only way. 

When it comes to boats, you can either go on one of the scheduled boats  or you can hire your own boat.

Personally I love having my own little motorboat which allows me to go wherever I please. They are easy to drive/pilot (or is it sail?) without a license - even I manage it.

When to Visit

Like all of the beaches in Sardinia it is best to visit in June or September.

During  July and August the beach can get crowded but don't be put off as this is a beach always worth visiting – crowded or not.

Where is Cala Luna Beach?

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