Dreaming of Bidderosa Beach

Most of my winters are spent longing to return to this beach that I first fell in love with ten years ago.

We moved to Italy close on twenty years back (my wife is Italian) and that first summer we spent exploring Bidderosa Beach and the other beaches on the Gulf of Orosei.

It was a summer that seemed to go on for ever, a summer in which we fell more in love with each other and this part of Sardinia.

Later our son was born and we'd return often to this beach we loved. We found a little hotel in nearby Cala Gonone called the Bue Marino, from which boats set off, across the azure seas, to many of the most stunning beaches I'd ever seen. This became our summer base.

Bidderosa was always my favorite, the boats didn't go there but we'd rent a car and drive. The sand was soft and the summer sea wrapped us in its warm embrace and we embraced it, with all our hearts, right back.

About the Beach

Our Tip:  "Make sure you get here early -  once the daily quota is filled they won't allow anyone else in."

Crystal clear waters of a thousand shades of blue and soft sand make this a true paradise. It's never too crowded either, being in a nature reserve visitor numbers are limited to a certain quota each day. 

Their are actually five beaches that make up what is called the Bidderosa Oasis, all of them are beautiful in their own way so I'll leave it to you to decide which is the best.

If you have children it is absolutely perfect for them, with no current worth mentioning, shallow seas and no sharks or other dangers.

I can remember when my son was very young how wonderful it was to allow him to splash about without constantly worrying about him. It was fantastic for him to have his “freedom” and for me to have peace of mind (if you're a parent you'll know how valuable that is).

There's not much in the way of facilities on the beaches, except an expensive bar on beach number two, so try bring a picnic and water with you and a plastic bag for your rubbish. You can discard your rubbish in the bins on the way back to the parking. It breaks my heart to see people littering in such a special place but, would you believe it, some do!

Getting Here

Firstly, make sure you go really early, being part of a nature reserve the numbers are limited and once a hundred or so cars have been let in that's it. Particularly in July and August the numbers get filled up bright and early – I'd suggest arriving by 7 a.m. at the latest.

The only way to get here, except for a very long hike, is by car. If you're coming from Orosei or Cala Gonone then you need to head north on the SS125 and take the turn off for Bidderosa. Parking costs 14 Euros a day and entrance to the park/beach is a Euro per person. Once you've parked there's a pleasant walk of a few kilometers through typical Mediterranean vegetation to the beach.

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