Exploring Vernazza 

Sandwiched between seas of turquoise and hills of emerald green is medieval Vernazza...

The most impressive way to arrive is by sea; approaching the little harbour you'll get to see the full sweep of the town, curving around the hills and out along the peninsular where the castle tower is.  

If you'd like to see Vernazza from the sea then the best are the boat trips that offer an unbeatable view along the entire Cinque Terre.

His sunset trips are well worth the cost;  sipping prosecco and savoring local aperitivi, while the setting sun turns the Mediterranean golden, is worth anything you have to pay.

They also do a great day trip that includes a Ligurian seafood lunch - truly the stuff of dreams.

Most people though arrive in Vernazza by train, or on foot from Corniglia or Monterosso al Mare. For more about the walks and trains on the Cinque Terre click here.

Stay & Eat

If you'd like to stay in town then the best bet is the Camere Nicolina, which is near the beach and right in town.

When it comes to eating and drinking the Taverna del Capitano in Piazza Marconi is pretty decent and probably the best restaurant in Vernazza.

For something super special though visit Vernazza Wine Experience in Giovanni Battista 41. Try traditional dishes and taste the best of local wines in a setting as close to heaven as you can get... without dying.

Alessandro, the guy who runs it, was born here and his passion for this land and its products is obvious. After ten minutes of tasting wines and savoring local treats in this gorgeous setting I bet you'll feel like becoming a local too... I know I never wanted to leave.

They are only open from April through October and between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. 

What to See

First of all everything is worth seeing, from the multicolored cottages to the fishing boats bobbing about in the port, but if it's historic sites you're after these are the main ones:

The medieval castle tower (Castle Doria) which affords great views across the town and out to sea would be top of my list.

The best view of all comes at the small price of a mile long and very steep walk up behind Vernazza, through olive groves and vineyards, to the Madonna of Reggio Sanctuary. I can promise you it's worth the effort

Lastly, there's a very pretty church, the 14th century Church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia, down by the waterfront.

Castle Doria - VernazzaView of the Church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia & Castle Doria from the path above town
Vernazza seen from aboveVernazza seen from above

Swimming in Vernazza

Vernazza has a little beach in town which is very pleasant but the best area is just north of town, in the direction of Monterosso, where there is a dedicated swimming area. Seas here are sky blue and clear as glass while cliffs rise straight from the water's edge - it's basically your own sea swimming pool. Boats are banned from the area which makes it even better.

Sea swimming Cinque TerreJust before the sea swimming area - boats aren't allowed into the actual swimming area.


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