Exquisite Coasts Discovered

Every day we are out there - discovering new coastlines and stunning beaches right across the globe. Our latest discoveries are....

The Guide to Manarola

Quaint and picturesque with some of the best focaccia on the entire Cinque Terre, great ceramics and beautiful scenery – Manarola is a real bucket list destination.

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The 4 Classic Oahu Beaches - The ones you HAVE to See

There are a lot of beaches in Hawaii but 4 are must visit while here. I call these the “classics”. Known for their beauty, legendary status in Hollywood folklore or their ability to put that visual stamp on your photos - the one that says “I was there!”.

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Snorkeling on Oahu - Your Chance to See a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Ever dreamed of gliding through crystal clear turquoise waters while schools of tiger fish or yellow tangs glide by? Or of throwing a shaka next to a turtle who smiles right back at you? Our guide to snorkeling on Oahu is where these experiences begin.

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Oahu Sunsets from the Beach

Setting aside time to watch an Oahu sunset is something that should be on your to do list while vacationing here. It’s one of those once in a lifetime moments that you will cherish every time you think about it or look at your photos.

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Movie Location Beaches in Hawaii

Hollywood stars have the made the movie location beaches of Hawaii famous. Now you too can feel like a star - in your own personal movie set in paradise.

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Vernazza - Heaven on the Cinque Terre

Sandwiched between seas of turquoise and hills of emerald green – medieval Vernazza is the Italy we've all dreamed about.

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The 5 Best Cape Town Beaches

Beware of visiting any of the 5 best Cape Town beaches. There's a real danger that you may never want to leave. Prepared to risk it? Well here then are the beaches you'll not want to miss...

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The Best Cape Town Beaches

The Atlantic Coast in Cape Town offers the most spectacular coastline in Africa and the Cape Town beaches rank among the best in the world. These are the ones not to miss...

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Zakynthos and Navagio Beach

Discover Zakynthos, the most beautiful of all Greek islands, and its famous Navagio Beach (perhaps the best in the Med).

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Stunning Seychelles Pictures

Seychelles pictures from each of the 6 most beautiful islands in the archipelago. There is no better way to discover the perfect island for you...

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The 5 Best Beaches in the Seychelles?

Heading for the Seychelles and wondering which are the best beaches in the Seychelles - the ones you really don't want to miss. We've the answer...

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Beaches on Kefalonia

Which are the best beaches on Kefalonia? Which are the best beaches in Greece? Here is the answer...

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Brazil? We've the answer! Five truly stunning beaches – each one rated amongst the best on earth.

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Beaches on Lefkada

One of the most enchanting of all Greek Islands - beaches on Lefkada are ranked amongst the loveliest in Greece.

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The Best Beaches in Greece

Where are the best beaches in Greece? We've visited them all and have the answer for you.

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A Journey of Discovery Exploring Sardinia

A couple fall in love with Sardinia and each other, sleeping under the stars on remote beaches with only goats for company. Discover for yourself this island and its loveliest beaches...

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The Most Beautiful Islands on Earth - The Society Islands

It's said that when dreams come true they look like the Society Islands and I'd have to agree with this. I truly thought I had died and gone to heaven the whole time I was here.

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Huahine - The Island of Romance

Is your trip to the South Pacific in anyway connected to romance? Then Huahine is the island to choose – particularly if you are planning to start a family.

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Bora Bora Island - Perfect Paradise

There are times when only the most perfect of paradises will satisfy ones dreams. That is when you need Bora Bora Island.

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Fregate Island - The Worlds Most Beautiful Island

Fregate Island - considered by many to be the world's most beautiful private island. It's home to the best beach in the world and a luxurious resort you'll love.

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Tales from a Taha'a Overwater Bungalow

Lazing on the deck of a Taha'a overwater bungalow, I realize that the land of far far away exists... it's name is Taha'a - the Vanilla Isle.

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Along the Amalfi Coast

Along the Amalfi Coast - join us in exploring one of the world's most beautiful coastlines

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Cetara - The Amalfi Coast of Yesteryear

Not into tourists, souvenir shops and inflated prices? Then Cetara is the town you'll want to visit on the Amalfi coast. It's a memory of what this whole coast was like back in the 1960s.

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Which is the Best Beach in the Seychelles?

Which is the Best Beach in the Seychelles? After lots of research we've the answer for you.

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Minori - A Ray of Sunshine

Escaping to Minori from the summer crowds of Amalfi or Positano is a welcome relief. How could such a little gem be overlooked by so many?

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