Exquisite Coasts Discovered

Every day we are out there - discovering new coastlines and stunning beaches right across the globe. Our latest discoveries are....

Dive into the Oahu Beach Guide

Whether you want to be in the thick of it all on the classic Waikiki beach, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, watching the pros battle it out for big waves on the north shore or just relax somewhere remote with just a seal for company - the Oahu Beach Guide has it all.

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The Essential Santorini Travel Guide

The thing people always say when they first set foot upon Santorini is: "it's just how I've always dreamed Greece would be!" Now make your dreams come true with our Santorini Travel Guide...

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Penguins Invade City!

Where is this? Click continue reading below...

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Love Island!

IMAGE Alt Text

Where is Love Island? If you have been tell us more! Here is where you can do that.

Amalfi Coast Walks - From the Terrace of the Gods to Neptune's Sea

From the moment you start this Amalfi Coast walk you realize just what an enchanting little world you've entered: birds sing, butterflies dance from flower to flower, the air is filled with the fragrance of lemons, herbs, jasmine

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Along the Amalfi Coast

Along the Amalfi Coast - join us in exploring one of the world's most beautiful coastlines

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The Cinque Terre Town to Avoid the Crowds

Corniglia-the Cinque Terre town with the least tourists and that's despite being one of the loveliest. Why less tourists? Because people think you need to walk up 370 steps to get there.

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When is the Best Time to Visit the Seychelles

When is the Best Time to Visit the Seychelles? Here is the answer...

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Find your Paradise Beach Quiz

Out there exists a beach of unbelievable beauty, designed in heaven with you in mind. Which one is it? Our beach quiz has the answer.

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The 5 Most Spectacular Coastal Drives in the World

Each one of these 5 spectacular coastal drives should be on your bucket list. Add at least one to your plans for the next year... you'll be so glad you did.

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The 4 Most Beautiful Coastal Cities in the World

Phew, this was a hard list to create. We started with 15 cities. With much heated debate we got that down to six... then to 4. These then are the world's most beautiful coastal cities...

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Beaches of Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation

Let's go explore the beaches of Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation and we'll throw in a delicious crocodile burger lunch?

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The 8 Best Beaches in the World

The 8 best beaches in the world. Why is our list different to all others? Simple, we actually travel the world visiting hundred and hundreds of beaches. These are the results...

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4 Bucket List Islands

Scattered across the oceans and seas are 4 bucket list islands. All of them are missing only one thing... you!

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Raiatea Island - True Paradise

Raiatea Island – perhaps the most beautiful of all Society Islands. Could this be the Garden of Eden? It is that gorgeous -you need to see for yourself so please click through.

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The 6 Most Beautiful Italian Coastal Destinations

You really don't want to look at this list of the 6 most beautiful Italian coastal destinations. The risk is you'll want to visit and then...

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4 Exceptional Coastal Hotels in Italy

Coastal hotels in Italy are all the same... bla bla bla. Well most of them are but then there are these 4 hotels...

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Tropea on Calabria's Coast of Gods

The Coast of the Gods is gorgeous. One of Italy's most spectacular coastlines and at the heart of it all is Tropea.

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The Most Beautiful Island in Europe?

Hawaii, Maldives, Bora Bora...we've written about them all. But here in Europe exists an island with beaches and seas as beautiful. This is the most beautiful island in Europe. This is La Maddalena.

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Is Rene Bianca Beach the Best Beach in Italy?

Rene Bianca Beach - One of Italy's most famous beaches – loved by visitors from all corners of the globe. Here is all the inside info on the beach...

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A Beach Fit for a King - The Spiaggia del Principe

The Spiaggia del Principe is Sardinia's most famous beach, famous thanks to a Prince who brought the swinging sixties to this coast, and fell in love with this crescent of glorious, sea, sun and sand.

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Cala Luna- Beach Perfection

There are beaches and there are beaches ...ho-hum . Then there is Cala Luna Beach! Often featured in those “best beaches in the world” lists it is incredible. Come and see for yourself.

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Goloritze Beach - Italy's Paradise

Imagine a beach of finely powdered white Italian marble. Imagine seas of crystal clear turquise and tanzanite. What you are imagining has a name...it is Goloritze Beach.

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Cala Mariolu Beach

Many people ask me if there is still a beautiful yet safe beach destination left in this world? Good news...there is! You can't get safer or more beautiful than Cala Mariolu beach.

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