Corniglia - The Cinque Terre at its Best

A view of Corniglia from the sea

Corniglia is the only one of the five Cinque Terre towns that isn't a fishing town and you need to walk up around 365 steps to get there. That puts most people off and means that Corniglia is the Cinque Terre town with the fewest tourists.

Fewer tourists mean that it is the most “genuine” of the towns and it has managed to keep its own quaint character.

Plus, there's a little secret when it comes to those stairs which might be of interest.

What's the secret?

Well it's just that you don't need to walk up those stairs! There's a little bus that leaves from just near the station. You'll see the bus stop on your right as you exit the station.

If you don't mind a walk though then take the 365 steps - they offer some great views.

Dreamy Sea Views

Being perched high above the sea means that the view from Corniglia is the best of any Cinque Terre town. These views were taken near the Corte del Gallo which is about the best place to stay in Corniglia - actually the last one is a view from one of their rooms.

Corniglia the Cinque Terre
Boats on the Mediterranean
Corte del Gallo

Around Town

Shopping in Ialy

Main Street in Corniglia - it may not be the widest of streets but that just adds to the charm - that and no cars either. 

Cinque Terre - Lanes

Take the little lanes that lead off the main road and you'll discover all sorts of wonderful places. Many of these stairs and alleyways lead to squares with stunning views over the sea or across rolling hills of olive trees and vineyards. This spot is a great one to fill up with fresh spring water too.

Lemon Trees in CornigliaClimbing the Stairs to Corniglia

A Treat for the Taste Buds

Lago Taragio

A delightful place for lunch is the little square called Largo Taragio. In fact to me this is the very best part of being in Corniglia. Sitting here, eating seafood with a chilled bottle of local white wine, and watching the world go by... what a delight!

Italy is all about the feeling you get when you are here - an overwhelming emotional feeling of Dolce Vita and contentment that'll stay with you always. The little streets, the beautiful church (Oratory Santa Caterina) and the houses of peach, lemon and apricot simply add to the pleasure.

Courtyard in CornigliaTucked away down little lanes are many great little restaurants
Italian Gelato Shop

Nothing better on a hot day than a Granita made of lemons and this is the spot that makes the best ones.

Map of Corniglia

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