Amalfi Coast
A Walk from Heaven to Neptune's Blue

We start off in Ravello, in the gardens of the Villa Rufolo. Breathe in the fragrance of lemons, jasmine and sea and gaze at the little towns dotting the coast far below. It is down there we will head.

Amalfi Coast View

The Path to Minori

You have two options, the one leaves from just outside the entrance to the Villa Rufolo but the longer one, which I prefer, starts just after the Villa Eva. It should take you about 90 minutes.

The start of the path can be a bit tricky to find - if needed simply ask a local and they will gladly point it out. 

You can of course do it in reverse, starting from Minori, but it is much harder work going up and you need to be fairly fit.

Once you are on the trail it is hard to get lost, just follow the road and the signs that say Minori or Torello (which is the first little town you reach - more about that later). 

Rather surprisingly, last time I did the walk in July there were huge numbers of tourists in Ravello but I hardly saw a soul on the walk. That makes it a great way to escape the crowds and experience the real Amalfi Coast in peace and quiet,

The start of the path to Minori from RavelloThe start of the path from Ravello to Minori

An Enchanting World

From the moment you start the trail you realize just what an enchanting little world you've entered: birds sing, butterflies dance from flower to flower, the air is filled with the fragrance of lemons, herbs, jasmine and a thousand other lovely scents, scents you can't identify but will always remember.

Pass by little cottages, everyone you meet greets you. Apart from the birds the only other sound is a distant whisper of dishes clattering in kitchens, children's laughter, a dog barking far away.

You may only be ten minutes walk away from the glitz, glamour, all about me world, of five star Ravello but here you are in another place entirely.

Here people go about their lives as if none of that silly nonsense even exists. Life is about simplicity, family, community.

I know which world I prefer.

View of Pontone with the Basilica Sant'Eustachio to be seen above the town and just below the mountain top.Pontone - the Basilica Sant'Eustachio is above the town and just below the mountain top.

Towards Torello

View of Minori

The route winds along beneath the Villa Cimbrone, with views first looking inland towards pretty little Pontone. You'll get some stunning glimpses of the ruins of the Basilica Sant'Eustachio: built in the 12th century it was the most beautiful on the entire coast.

Farther ahead lie Atrani and Amalfi, but then, as you approach the steps leading down to Torello, you will begin looking in the other direction, towards Minori.

If you'd like to visit the Basilica Sant'Eustachio you can read about it here and the video below gives you an idea of just how "real" this walk is too. None of those thousands of tourists you'll find on the Cinque Terre walks for example



Cobbled stone walls, flowers galore and lots of steps. That's normally the first impression you get when you arrive in Torello.

There's quite a lot to see though so take it slow, detour a little and don't just bolt down those steps in a mad rush to get through Torello and onto Minori.

Torello has a long and proud history, it was an important lookout point in the middle ages and it was the first point of defense for Ravello with some major battles taking place here in the 12th century.

There's a big fireworks and lights festival held annually on the third Sunday of September. It commemorates the Madonna dell'Addolorata and lights up the entire coast: the views from Ravello looking down are best. It truly is one of the most spectacular fireworks and lights festivals you'll ever see - have a look at the photos here.

The other interesting thing is that the town is home to the oldest church on the Amalfi Coast - The 13th century Church of San Michele Arcangelo. 

Drinking fountain near TorelloDrinking fountain near Torello - a great place to quench your thirst on the walk. The water tasted way better than my bottled water.

Approaching Minori

Approaching MinoriBetween Torello and Minori

The last little bit after Torello is a very easy walk. Lots more steps, but not too steep, and before you know it Minori and its lovely refreshing sea and tempting beach lie just below you. They claim to make the best limoncello in the world in Minori and also the most delicious lemon pastries called ...  read our guide to find out what they are called.

Our Tip: If your knees are sore I find going down sideways for a while helps.

Minori BeachMinori - from the last few stairs before you arrive in the town.

Want to do some more walking on the Amalfi Coast? Try the Walk of the Gods.  Also get yourself a copy of the excellent Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri: Car Tours and Walks


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