On Rene Bianca Beach

Right on the far north-western end of Sardinia is the beach of Rene Bianca. One of Italy's most famous beaches – loved by visitors from all corner's of the globe.

The Beach

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Posted by Exquisite Coasts on Monday, March 28, 2016

The beach itself is small and lovely but if you've traveled around Sardinia at all then you'll realize that there are far lovelier beaches.

Top of my list are beaches like Cala Mariolu and Bidderosa, which are to the east and south of the Costa Smeralda.

Still, on the north coast of Sardinia this is one of the loveliest of all the beaches and by any standard it is a beautiful beach – only the Maddalena Island beaches are better around the northern part of the island.

The Sea

Crystal clear and clean although, during the height of summer, there does seem to be a bit of a build up of seaweed on occasions which worries some people. I don't mind this as the fish seem to love it and it makes snorkeling more fun as a result.

The Beach

Our Tip: bring a picnic and lots of water with you - the bar on the beach charges ridiculous prices.

Warm and shallow waters with talcum powder sand mean that this is an excellent choice for families, 

Beach umbrellas here seem to be a luxury item too judging by the rate they charge to rent one for a day – rent two umbrellas and you could pretty much rent a car instead.

There's a narrow peninsular to the right of the beach which protects it from the southerly winds but when the easterly winds blow it can get windy. If you see lots of windsurfers in the car park you'll know you've chosen the wrong day. The easterly wind tends to pick up strength later in the afternoon so try to arrive early and you're likely to have good weather until lunchtime.

When to Visit

Like all the beaches in the area, this one gets pretty crowded in July and August and the parking fills up quickly so get here early. If you can it is better to visit in June or September.

Rene Bianca - Sardinia

Posted by Exquisite Coasts on Monday, March 28, 2016

Where to Stay near Rene Bianca Beach

Near to this beach there aren't really any decent hotels and most of them cost a ridiculous sum of money.  If you have a car (always a good idea in Sardinia) then you're probably better off being a little bit away from the water. My choice near here is the Monti di Mola which is only a few kilometers from the sea and around 15 kilometers from Rene Bianca beach.

Should you prefer to be nearer the sea then a good option is Cala di Volpe - around the same distance north of Rene Bianca as Monti di Mola, it's right on the water with its own private beach too.

Cala di Volpe has one big issue though...leaving!  It is so very hard to do.

Where is the Beach

Take the SP73 to Portisco and then, just before Portisco, turn left onto the SP94. After you've gone past Portisco and after half-a-mile (little more than a kilometer) turn right onto a dirt road which leads to the parking area for the beach.


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