Spiaggia del Principe - Fit for a King

It was the Aga Khan who developed and made Sardinia's Costa Smeralda so popular in the 60s and it was this rich sultan who brought the swinging sixties to the coast. With it came the famous stars of music and movies, and lots of other rich folks too, and that is pretty much the way it has stayed ever since.

Now what has any of that got to do with the Spiaggia del Principe you are probably wondering?

The answer is that this was the favourite beach of the prince/sultan or whatever he was. Now to me the fact that an area attracts a lot of rich pretentious people tends to make me run in the opposite direction but this beach isn't like that at all.

Perhaps it once was – thank goodness it no longer is.

So what's good about this beach?

The Sea

  • You've got that stunning cobalt blue seas so typical of Sardinia and here it's as good as anywhere in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world for that matter.
  • Waters are shallow for a fair way out to sea making it ideal for kids.
  • The clarity means that snorkeling is a pleasure.

The Beach

  • Creamy white sand, it's soft on the feet too and great for making sand-castles.
  • Gorgeous rocks scattered about that divide one part of the beach from the other and add to the scenic beauty of the whole. 
  • The green dune vegetation behind the beach provides a stunning backdrop to the white sands and blue sea. In spring, when it is all in flower, it's even lovelier.

Where to Stay

If you're visiting the area then the Hotel Monti di Mola is an excellent choice, offering value on a coast where that is hard to come by. It's a few miles from the beach so you'll need a car.

Want to be nearer the beach and feel like a celebrity? Then the five star Hotel Romazzino (click for photos and details) is for you, the setting and beaches around the hotel are out of this world.

Getting to the Beach

You'll need to head to Romazzino and then drive east towards the sea; the parking area is about a kilometer/half a mile from there and then you've a fifteen minute walk along a dirt trail.

When to Visit

June or September is best. May can also be great with fewer tourists and beautiful wild flowers in bloom, but take note that the water hasn't warmed up much by then and can be a bit chilly at times. September's the month with the warmest water plus few visitors. This is one beach that gets really busy during July and August so, if you're visiting then, make sure you get here really early as the parking area is full by 9 a.m.

Spiaggia del Principe Map

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