The Beaches of Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare

Down a little road and through the forest you wander. Then, beyond the trees, you'll catch your first glimpse of paradise - you've discovered Baie Lazare.

Well, you can drive down the little road too and park under the trees by the beach.  Or, better still, stay  at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort and have Baie Lazare right on your doorstep.

To see where the Baie Lazare is have a look at the map near the end of the page.

Getting There

Heading along Anse Soleil Road you'll come across the sign in the photo below. Keep straight on for the fabulous Four Seasons Resort and for Anse Soleil Beach (a beach that came close to making our list of the best beaches on Mahe). 

For Baie Lazare turn left down Anse Gouvernment Road.

Before making that turn I'd just like to mention one huge black spot working against Anse Soleil Beach and that is the absolutely horrible beach restaurant you have to pass by on your way to the beach.

The owner is ... well read some of the reviews on TripAdvsor to see what people have to say about this "gentleman". 

Sign SeychellesTo the Beach

Rock Cafe and Pirate's Cove

On the road down to the beach you'll see this sign for Maria's Rock Cafe. The cafe and associated Pirate's Cove look like something out of the Flintstones but it is one of the best places to eat on Mahe. 

There's also an art gallery with the sculptures of Maria's husband, Antonio Filippin, an Italian born sculptor who is now a Seychelles icon.

Antonio found peace in the natural beauty of the Seychelles and that harmony between man and nature is communicated through his works.

He also has one heck of an imagination... judging by the Pirate's Cove.

It costs 150 Rupees to tour around and, if I was twelve, I can imagine never wanting to leave. It's like every boy's pirate fantasy come true - a real Neverland. To tell you the truth I still loved it... even though twelve is a long long distant memory for me.

Street sign in Seychelles
Maria's Rock CafeMaria's Rock Cafe

The Beach

The beach is divided into two sections. The northern part sweeps around the bay, from a little before the Kempinski Hotel until the huge granite rocks in the south.

You can get past the rocks to the southern side of the beach by wading through the sea at low tide - best to wear coral shoes though as there are sharp rocks and corals.

Northern Section

The northern section tends to be the more crowded, although I've never seen more than about twenty people on the beach ...ever!  The southern bit is often left all for you.

If you'd like to snorkel then the northern section is the place to do it.  The best spot is to the far right of the beach in front of the parking area. Basically the entire area shown in the photo below extending all the way out to the reef, which is the white line you see just past the last rocks.  

In my view this, together with the snorkeling off Anse Royale, is the best snorkeling accessible from the beach on Mahe. 

Snorkeling on MaheSnorkeling Area

Southern Section

If you are coming by bus you'll get off at the far southern end of Baie Lazare. The bus stop is just behind the beach bar.  

Near the rustic beach bar the palms lean languidly across ivory sands, eager to dip their fronds into warm and twinkling azure seas. It is pretty much everything you'd ever want from a tropical paradise beach and normally there's hardly a soul about.

You've tropical paradise all to yourself.

Beach Bar, SeychellesBeach Bar
Leaning Palm Tree
Baie Lazare BeachSouthern End of Baie Lazare

Map of Baie Lazare

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