Beaches of the Seychelles

Anse Louise & Anse la Mouche

Both these beaches are featured in our Mahe top four beach list. Let's start with Anse Louis.

Anse Louis

Anse Louis is one of the beaches we've visited the most on Mahe. That's because it's just down the road from the Sunbird Bungalow where we normally stay.  

It's a great beach, yet many people don't visit. The reason? Because it seems to belong to the Maia Luxury Resort and they won't let you through the resort to get to the beach.

Don't worry though, you can still enjoy the beach. Simply head to the south end of the resort, along West Coast Road, and you'll see a small parking area where you can access the beach.  If you are coming by bus tell the driver you want to get off at the Maia Beach Resort - walk left as you face the resort entrance to the parking area..

The beach itself is beautiful. It's so perfect that turtles still nest here and that only happen when a beach is pristine.  

I love jumping about in the waves but they are quite big and the water gets deep fairly quickly so it isn't the best beach for young children - the other beaches we feature in our Mahe beach guide are all better for youngsters. They do have a life guard on duty here so if you stay in the shallows you should be fine.

Beaches of the SeychellesAnse Louise

Behind the beach are some really lovely big trees that provide fabulous shade for when the sun gets too strong. It is a great spot to have a picnic before getting back out into the sun for some more afternoon suntanning and swimming.  There's no beach bar here so you need to bring your own food and drink - of course the Maia Resort has a supposedly excellent restaurant... but it is only for guests.

Anse Louise

Spectacular rocks rise above the tropical forest at the southern end of the beach. The public access is just near the little house in the picture.

Maia ResortMaia Resort

I love the way the Maia Resort has hidden the guest rooms away in the forest. Although I've never stayed at the resort I can imagine you'd feel like Robinson Crusoe - just with a bit more luxury - well a lot more actually.

Turtles on the Beach Sign

What to do in case of turtles invading from the beach. I know what I'd do... get really, really excited. Actually, the sign makes interesting reading - I never knew a lot of the things on this board. Read through it and you'll be prepared... should turtles invade a beach near you.

Anse la Mouche

Anse la Mouche is a sweeping bay, where waves gently lap at cafe au lait sands, palm trees stretch themselves towards the sea and little blue, white and yellow boats bob about at anchor. It's the best spot to watch the sunset on Mahe too - coming a close second to Praslin Island's Anse Georgette in the sunset rankings.

After the sun sets head to the Anchor Cafe for their legendary blackend red snapper dinner. The restaurant is halfway around the bay, across the road from the beach.

For young children this is a lovely beach. Lots of sand, especially at low tide, means it is ideal for sandcastles and the shallow, calm waters are perfect for young children to splash about in safely. Warm water too - but then it always is warm water in the Seychelles.

Anse la Mouche BayAnse la Mouche Bay

The view across the bay as you come over the hill is breathtaking.  This was taken in La Salette Road as you come over from the eastern side of Mahe.

Beach on Anse la MoucheAnse la Mouche Beach
View of MaheLow Tide
Becalmed Boat

Map of Anse la Mouche & Anse Louis

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