Anse Patates Beach

Anse Patates Beach is one of those tropical paradise beaches that doesn't disappoint. You've soft sand, seas of admiral blue and rainbow colored fish darting about a coral reef.

Where is the Beach?

It's right in front of the Patatran Village Hotel - you'll find a map on the hotel review page. If you're staying nearer the jetty, where most of the hotels are, you'll walk north past Anse Severe and up a little hill to get here

Anse SevereLeaving Anse Severe

Leaving Anse Severe the gentle hill climb offers great views back along Anse Severe Beach, then you turn the corner and start walking along the road below...

Traffic on La DigueTypically "Busy" La Digue Road

This is the little road - well it's the "main road" on La Digue - that leads to Anse Patates Beach from Anse Severe.  

Admiral Blue SeasOn the Way to Anse Patates

On the road up from Anse Severe you'll get some amazing glimpses of the sea below. The colours seem to change every few minutes. 

Cottages on La DigueHighway to Anse Patates

Just before the beach you'll see these white cottages on your right - you can leave your bicycle (for how to hire one visit our La Digue guide) against the fence here and take the stairs down to the beach. Don't bother to lock the bicycle - bicycle thieves don't exist in paradise :-)

Patatran HotelPatatran Hotel

The Beach

Anse Patates BeachTop of Stairway to Anse Patates

That building behind the beach is the Patatran Village Hotel  and the view is from the top of the short flight of stairs leading down to the beach. During the day the sand looks ivory white but early in the morning it's different... it's banana coloured. 

Banana BeachAnse Patates/Banana beach

Early in the morning and the sand is starting to change from banana yellow to white.

Snorkeling spot on La DigueSnorkeling spot

Anse Patates offers the best snorkeling on La Digue, with brightly hued fish rushing about on urgent business and the occasional sea-turtle gliding by in peaceful calmness.

You'll need to swim to the dark rock in the picture above to watch the underwater festival of colour. It is around 20 meters out and can be quite a difficult swim, depending on the currents. Rather don't try it unless you are a fairly confident swimmer.  Wear coral shoes too.

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