A Seychelles Beach Resort & 2 Beautiful Beaches

Pink beach Seychelles
Seychelles Beach Resort

Located on the south-west coast of Praslin and adjacent to two great beaches is a superb Seychelles beach resort - one of the island's few affordable resorts. The resort is the Coco de Mer & Black Parrot Suites Hotel and the beaches are the Anse Cimitiere and Bois de Rose.

If a Seychelles beach resort is your thing then this is a good choice - these two beaches are rated among the best on Praslin Island. Plus, the resort offers shuttles to the other island beaches and the jetty, from where a 15 minute boat ride takes you over to La Digue.

The Beaches

Anse Cimitiere

Anse Cimitiere
Coco de Mer & Black Parrot Beach

This is the beach right in front of the Coco de Mer & Black Parrot resort. As with all beaches in front of Seychelles beach resort hotels, this one doesn't "belong" to the hotel.

That means you can use it if you can reach it so, if you aren't staying at the resort, ask them nicely if you can pass through the resort to go to the beach or perhaps tell them you are coming to the restaurant for lunch. Normally, if you look like a tourist, they'll probably let you through. Otherwise the only way to get to the beach is by boat.

The water is shallow and calm and the snorkeling is pretty good too. 

Anse Cimitiere beach is one of the loveliest on this side of the island, although the Anse Georgette beach at another Seychelles beach resort - the more expensive Constance Lemuria -  is lovelier.

Our Tip:  Stay until sunset when the beach turns pink.

Bois de Rose

Anse Bois de Rose
Beach on Praslin Island

Very similar to Anse Cimitiere except that there's hardly ever a soul on this one.  

It gets very small at high tide, meaning that you'll need to sit under the shade of the big trees. If you can only take so much sun that might not be an issue but if you need hours of sun-bathing then get here at low tide.

Like Anse Cimitiere the sea is shallow with only a few tiny waves. Snorkeling is good with the top spot being a little past the rocks on the left of the beach as you look out to sea. 

Best way to get here is by bus - tell the driver where you want to get off or show him the name of the beach on a map because, if your French is like mine, he won't have a clue as to what you are saying. Coming by car isn't a good idea - there's no parking.

When to Visit?

The weather in the Seychelles is always the same - perfect.  There's hardly a day a year when you can't swim. However, during early June to early October a lot of seaweed washes onto the west coast beaches of Praslin and that includes Anse Cimitiere and Bois de Rose.

Personally I don't mind the seaweed as it seems to attract more fish, which improves the snorkeling.

Should you not want weed on your beach though rather stay on the east coast or, if you are staying at the Coco de Mer & Black Parrot Resort, simply make use of their free shuttle to beaches on the other side of the island.

Our Seychelles weather page has more details on things to consider when planning a Seychelles vacation.

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