Positano is a gorgeous base from which to explore the Amalfi Coast. Get yourself a room at the Liparlati, the Villa TreVille or one of these other hotels and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of this town and the rest of this exquisite coast.

Where to Eat

Unless you're allergic to seafood, you'll most certainly want to try the local seafood pasta dishes while you're here. The best place to do that is at a little family restaurant called Al Barilotto del Nonno (click for their site).

Sitting outside in the evening with flowers everywhere , the sea far below and the lights of the coast spakling as the sunsets is one of the most unforgettable experiences you'll ever have. The setting is a hard act to beat but the food won't disappoint.


Via dei MuliniVia dei Mulini

Maria, my wife, simply loves shopping in Positano. The prices aren't the best but they really do have some wonderful ceramics, for the best handmade selection visit Ceramica Assunta in Via Colombo. They've been making the traditional ceramics of the region for nearly seventy years.

Thanks to Maria, I have a huge selection of their lemon range staring at me from the kitchen as I write this.

Don't get me wrong though, I've also got a thing for lemons – made into Limoncello.

Talking about Limoncello, you can buy the best you've ever tasted at Sapori e Profumi Di Positano in Via dei Mulini, 6.

Take a stroll under a bougainvillea ceiling and browse the art, custom jewelry and clothing lining the wall along Via dei Mulini: in spring and early summer, when the flowers are at their best, the purple/pink light is incredible

The other thing the town is famous for are leather sandals and once-upon-a-time it was the fashion capital of the region with famous boutiques frequented by movie stars.

There are still a lot of sandal shops and boutiques but Maria and I find most of them to be overpriced and a bit touristy. Maria likes Brunella in Via Pasitea, 72 but there are a few other gems scattered around -  I'll let you discover them for yourself.

Otherwise, if you're visiting Maiori, which is a bit farther along the coast, try Sandali Tipici in Via Lungomare Amendola.

Ceramics in Positano

What Else to See


The sight of houses painted apricot, peach and lemon, cascading their way down the hill, is the best thing to see of all. They look like they are about to tumble like dominoes into the magnificent sea below... spectacular!

Another lovely sight is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its colorful dome, this always reminds me of Positano, symbolizing the town in the same sort of way that the Eiffel Tower does for Paris.

The Beach

Positano BeachPositano Beach

Most of the beach section is reserved for paying guests: that's the part with blue and orange umbrellas in the photo above. It is ridiculously expensive too, about 25 Euros a day; however, even if you are happy to pay that amount, you probably won't be allowed in anyway. It is pretty much all reserved in advance by hotels for their guests. 

The good news is that to the right of the umbrellas there is a free section - without the umbrellas and deckchairs of course. 

If you really are into beaches though you'll want to read our guide to the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It is packed full of the most stunning beaches near Positano and along the rest of this coast.

Our Tip: Enjoy walking? Before you leave home get yourself a copy of the evergreen classic: Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri: Car Tours and Walks (Sunflower Landscapes).

Getting to Positano

Street sign on the Amalfi Coast

Transfers to the Amalfi Coast from most major cities and towns, including Rome and Naples, are available although car rental is a better option  (click here for the latest rates).

A car combined with the occasional boat trip and lots of walking really is the best way to explore.

If you really can't face the thought of confronting Italian traffic then get a transfer (or the train to Sorrento or Salerno) and use the buses and boats to get about.

Although once you've tried the buses you might wish you'd driven... they are a little hair-raising. It's an unforgettable experience to fly around sharp bends, while the sea glitters bright blue far, far... very far below.

Apparently they have a fabulous safety record and they do go nearly everywhere on very frequent intervals. 


A Day in Positano

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