Eden Island Seychelles

Eden Island SeychellesBridge to Eden Island Seychelles

Eden Island, Seychelles, a playground for the rich and famous, where tropical fish and sailing ships ply the cerulean blue seas and tropical shirts and skirts sit sipping cocktails ashore.  

Actually it's hardly an island at all - being only about 200 meters from the mainland. You simply walk across the bridge from Mahe as shown in the photo above.

Visiting Eden Island

Why visit Eden Island? Well, if you're self catering at the Sunbird Bungalow or similar then you'll find the best stocked supermarket in all of Mahe here. It's called the Spar (means save) but you won't be doing any "saving" here - prices are stellar. Still, desperate for vegan chocolate-chip cookies or freshly sliced prosciutto? You are more likely to find it here than anywhere else in the Seychelles.

What else to do on Eden Island?

Visit the charming little aquarium, full of the fish you'll see while snorkeling elsewhere in the Seychelles.

Shop at the boutiques. Well I just window shop - I can buy cheaper clothing in Milan.

If you have the money you'll enjoy the shops selling real estate and yachts. Why not  pick up a mansion or a yacht or two?

Lastly, there are a number of restaurants so sit  back with a cocktail, enjoy a good meal and relax looking out over the yacht marina... until you get the bill/check! Actually the meals aren't very good at any of the restaurants - just expensive. Maybe just have a cocktail?

Marina - Eden IslandMarina


There are a couple of a great beaches, mostly on the seaward facing side of the island. They are for residents only and although they look beautiful there are lovelier ones elsewhere . To be honest the ones on Eden Island look a little artificial - like something on one of those fake islands you see in Dubai. Okay, not quite that bad, but similar.

Eden Island Seychelles Real Estate

If you'd like to own your piece of paradise then Eden Island is one of the few places in the Seychelles where foreigners can buy without a local partner.  Each house is lovely, but even the cheapest costs millions of Dollars - they do throw in a free golf cart though and a mooring at the bottom of your garden for a yacht. 

The video below has more on the type of real estate available. 

Best of Seychelles

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