Storms River Mouth 

The Storms River Mouth is one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in all of Africa. After visiting, you can't help but feel something monumental inside, a sense of your place on this incredible planet. 

Awesome it is, but to get the most out of a visit you need to come prepared. We'll help make sure you have all the essential information at your fingertips

Storms River Mouth

Where to Stay

By far the best option is to stay at the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp. It is inside the National Park and the chalets are in spectacular locations, prices are good too.

Don't expect luxury; however, with such beauty all around who cares! For such views I would have slept in a tent! Book early though, especially during the South African school holidays when the chalets can fill up a year in advance. For details visit the National Park website.

If you can't live without a little luxury then you'll have to head for the Fernery Lodge and Chalets, here you will find all the luxuries you'll ever need and the view is absolutely breathtaking. 

The Fernery Lodge and Chalets

Things to Do

Storms River Suspension Bridge

Walk across the heart-stopping suspension bridge, swinging high above the raging waters, soaring cliffs alongside. I found it a little scary but a real adrenaline rush too. I wish I could go back tomorrow and do it all again. It was that great. 

The Otter Trail

If you've the time and the foresight to book many months in advance then the Otter Trail is one of the most spectacular hikes in all of South Africa. Here are the details.

Must Do Walks/Hikes

Knysna Loerie - also known as the Knysna TuracoKnysna Loerie - also known as the Knysna Turaco

Apart from the 2 kilometer walk over the bridge there are a number of other walks worth doing...

If you are reasonably fit I highly recommend the Blue Duiker Trail (around 2 hours walking), it takes you into the heart of the forest and the size and beauty of the trees is incredible. You might be lucky and see the elusive Knysna Turaco (locals often call the bird the Loerie) - this rare bird is found only in this area of South Africa and nowhere else in the country, or the world, and its beauty has to be seen to be appreciated.

For an easier forest trail, lovely indeed but not nearly as impressive as the Blue Duiker Trail, try the 1 hour Loerie Trail. There is a little bit of a climb but most people should be able to manage this.

The longer Waterfall Trail (3 hours) is superb but make sure you are super fit before you attempt it. It follows the route of the first day of the Otter Trail and you will have to go at low tide. The waterfall and little pond at the the end of the Waterfall Trail is a scene from an enchanted fairy forest. 

You'll need to pay an entrance fee to get into the park, fees are under the Daily Conservation Fee section on the parks website.

Our Advice: Make sure you wear proper hiking footwear on all the hikes as the trails can be narrow and slippery. 

Floating Along the Storms River

The boat trips weren't operating for quite a while but the good news is that they are back. You can find all the details here.

Untouched Adventures are another option, they offer kayak trips up the Storms River and the trips are truly spectacular: watch the video on their website for a sampler of what it is like.  Watch out though, it is way more beautiful and adrenaline pumping than it appears in the video.

Getting Here

A car is the best way to get here; rent one if you are coming from abroad - you really do need a car in South Africa - public transport is terrible and if you don't have your own vehicle you are so limited in what you can see and do.

We normally book via AutoEurope - they offer the best deals and if you book with them we earn a little commission, which helps us to keep going at no extra cost to you.  

Okay, once you've got the car things are easy, as you'll see with the map the Storms River lies just off the main N2 motorway and is an easy one hour drive from Knysna or two hours from Port Elizabeth.

Also, when coming from the north it is easy to take the wrong turn-off. Make sure you take the second turn-off which say Storms River Mouth and not the first one which is for Storms River Village.


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