The Tasman Peninsula

by Esther

My favourite coastline is a place so pristine and unspoilt that being lucky enough to go there is like discovering a hidden treasure.

This well-kept secret is catching on. As a born and bred Tasmanian, I would almost prefer that it remained a precious secret. The coastline on the Tasman Peninsula boasts breath-taking views, crisp, clean air and dramatic beauty. There is also a palpable isolation and remoteness about the Peninsula. This ensures that there is a quiet, inescapable and mysterious quality about it.

The Tasman Peninsula is about 75 kilometres south east of Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, and is almost surrounded by water. There is a narrow isthmus which attaches the Peninsula to the rest of Tasmania. That isthmus is called Eaglehawk Neck. I love approaching Eaglehawk Neck. You catch glimpses of history, heritage and can sense the many discoveries that are hidden just around the next corner.

Some of my most memorable and enjoyable times have been spent in this part of Tasmania. The spectacular scenery of Tasman Arch and the Devil’s Kitchen is something that keeps me coming back time and time again. You hop out of the car and make your way over to the fence. You gasp in astonishment as you reach the fence and peer over to see that it is a sheer drop down to the surging ocean below. If you are sensitive to heights, be warned that it is quite a dramatic drop yet it is a truly spectacular sight to behold.

There are some excellent and not too strenuous bush walks to embark upon too, if that is your thing. Ensure you have your camera with you as you will have plenty of amazing images to capture.

The Port Arthur Historic Site, also on the Peninsula, is an amazing place which is a must-see destination. The stories that are to be discovered there will send a shiver down your spine and deliver a fascinating insight into the brutal history of this penal settlement.

Take plenty of time here as there is much to enjoy. The boat tours out to the nearby Isle of the Dead and across to Point Puer are spectacular.

It is also a great vantage point from which to truly appreciate the rugged beauty of the coastline and see why this was chosen as a place to send convicts who would have no chance of escape. The next land mass, in a southerly direction, is Antarctica.

The Tasman Peninsula is a stunning place to see and worthy of a place on a list along with other exquisite coasts around the world.

I always feel quite emotional whenever I visit this area, despite having done so many times before. There is a haunting familiarity about the place. I love it. I am pretty certain that anyone who comes there will feel that way too.

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Written by Esther Colavecchio

Exquisite Coasts reply: I've always been fascinated by Tasmania - truly a pristine paradise. You are really blessed to live in such an exquisite place.

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