The Best Beaches in Langebaan

Which are the best beaches in Langebaan? We've them all... and lots more about this little gem of a town on the doorstep of one of the world's loveliest ocean lagoons (more about the lagoon here).

Beaches in LangebaanBeaches in Langebaan

Langebaan is a sleepy little place, situated on the edge of the globally important West Coast National Park. The park itself is a gorgeous destination with stunning beaches and a wild beauty.  

Try to stay at the very popular and always wonderful Farmhouse Hotel. Click to see just how special it is. Now let's head to the beach... 

Best Beaches in Langebaan

Paradise Beach

Never crowded, this beach is backed by high dunes, which are covered with flowers in spring. It can be a little hard to find the way to the beach as there is only one fairly well-hidden entrance. The map at the bottom of the page shows the parking area for the beach, and from the parking area, follow the wooden walkway to the beach. The walk takes about five minutes.

This beach isn't in the lagoon itself, but it is still in a sheltered bay, so, although there are waves, they are generally small and fine for children over the age of six—as long as you keep an eye on them.

Paradise BeachThe walkway to Paradise Beach with Club Mykonos Resort on the hill in the distance.
Wild Flowersin Langebaan near Paradise BeachWild flowers on the way to Paradise Beach

Main Beach

This is the best beach for very young children. The sea is usually very calm and shallow, and there is a defined swimming area. The hermit crabs who rush about on the beach add to the amusement of the children and the adults.

Main Beach is also a very popular beach with kitesurfers, who have an area dedicated to them.

In fact, potential kitesurfers come here from all over the world to learn how to kitesurf. Langebaan is one of the best places on earth to learn, as there is a good prevailing wind in summer, the beach is wide, and the sea is not rough.

If you'd like to learn have a look at the courses offered by KiteLab.

During summer, get to the beach early; in the afternoon, the wind really gets up. Of course, if you are coming here to kitesurf, the opposite applies.

The road leading to the beach has lots of lovely little "beachy" stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, so if you need something to eat or a shopping break, you don't have to go far. There's also a supermarket called Spar if you are self-catering.

Once you've worked up an appetite from all that beach fun head to Pearly's, which is right opposite the beach, for something to eat. They've been here forever, and stepping inside is like going back to the 1960s.

Shops in LangebaanThe road to the beach, Langebaan
Main Beach LangebaanMain Beach, Langebaan

Shark Bay

Right in the lagoon, and just before the National Park, is where you'll find Shark Bay. There's a parking area a little way along a sand road from the Farmhouse Hotel - I've shown it on the map at the bottom of this page.

From the parking area you walk through flowers of every colour on a path that leads down to the beach. When the tide is out you can walk out a long long way out through the knee-deep water making it great for little children. In the waters you'll find lots of little shrimps and the flamingos that feed on them.

Shark Bay ParkingShark Bay Parking
West Coast Wild FlowersWild Flowers
Shark Bay BeachShark Bay Beach

Where to Eat

There are literally dozens of restaurants in the town - probably more restaurants than shops actually. Many of them are lousy so if you don't want to experience terrible service and food to match rather head to Pearly's which is right on the beach. I've yet to have a bad experience at Pearly's.

Pearly's RestaurantPearly's Restaurant

What Else to Do?

Mostly you just come to Langebaan to relax on the beaches and enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the National Park. Should you want to do more than that then some of the options are:


Mykonos, LangebaanMykonos

Into gambling? There's a resort where you can make your fortune... or more likely lose it. The resort is Mykonos and they've got gambling and lots more too including beaches, four swimming pools and seven restaurants.

It's supposed to look like Mykonos in Greece and actually it does - partly because the olive trees, huge skies and blue seas are almost exactly like in Greece and the architecture of the resort is similar too. You can even visit their Greek restaurant and listen to bouzouki music while eating souvlaki to complete the experience.


Golf in Langebaan

If you can only take so much beach before you need to get out onto the fairways then you're in luck - Langebaan has a world-class 18 hole Gary Player Designs Black Knight golf course. There's a wonderful 19th hole clubhouse too with a good restaurant and excellent bar with a view that'll make you fall off your chair before you've even had the chance to drink too much. If you want to make your holiday more about golf than beach then you can stay on the course - details on the course and lodges here.


Just outside Langebaan is the Fossil Park - a fossil site of world importance where experts from around the world are making some incredible finds. You can find out more here.

Map of Langebaan

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