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Tel Aviv Beach

Tel Aviv is the antithesis of the Middle East.

Whereas the Middle East is constantly dealing with religious and political conflict and turmoil, Tel Aviv is the city of secularism, pluralism, trendsetting fashion, non-stop partying and it’s a coastal paradise.

When visiting, you would never believe that only two hours driving northward, you would actually be able to see and feel the tensions at the Syrian border or if you drive two hours southward, see and feel the tensions on the Gaza border!

It's simply crazy but that is Tel Aviv!! 

The famous Tel Aviv beach makes up the western edge of the entire city. The beautiful beach is considered the pulse of the city.

Along the beach's beautiful, wide promenade, people walk, jog, ride bikes, roller blade or sit on the benches and fill their lungs with fresh air, all while being surrounded by a glorious 14 km (8.7 mile) stretch of open cloudless blue skies, white soft clean sand and sailing boats bobbing in the Mediterranean seas.

It's a coastal paradise.

Tel Aviv enjoys about 300 sunny days a year! 

So most of the year, you can soak up the sunshine and warmth on the Mediterranean coastline, which includes sixteen different beaches, two ports and a marina. Many Tel Aviv locals swim daily, no matter what the season.

My uncle swam every morning at 6.00 a.m. off the Tel Aviv beach until he was 90 years old (and he was one of many).

Summer in Tel Aviv

Step off the promenade and you will step onto fine, clean, warm sand. If you don't feel like lying on a towel on the soft sand, you can hire lounge chairs and a sun umbrella for a reasonable price.

Tried Matkot?

The beaches are full of activity. Israelis love to play their favorite beach sport, matkot, right next to the water edge where the sand is firm.

It is a friendly game between two people hitting a rubber ball back and forth… the famous matkot sound is heard on ALL Israeli beaches!!

It seems that the biggest danger in Tel Aviv are not rockets or wars but managing to go into the ocean without getting hit by a matkot ball!!!!

Check out what the CBC news has to say about matkot on Israeli beaches (it made international news which I thought was very funny)

A Beach for Everyone

On all the Tel Aviv beaches, you can buy ice-cream or popsicles from vendors, and on many beaches you will find informal cafes and kiosks where you can buy cold beers and drinks! 

Tel Aviv's pluralistic culture reflects onto the beach life as well.

There is a beach that caters for EVERYONE!

  • Beach ball lovers go to Gordon beach.
  • There is a beach that caters for the religious Jews, as Judaism forbids women and men to swim together. So this particular beach (Nordau Beach) allocates men days and ladies days!!
  • There is a gay / lesbian beach near the Hilton Hotel and which earned an unofficial title as the city's most gay-friendly beach.
  • Near the Marina is a beach where you can rent windsurfers, surfboards, sailboats, motorboats and diving equipment.

All the beaches are well equipped with changing rooms, showers and toilets. Lifeguard services are available during seasonal timing (May-October).

Let's Dance

Another fun activity on the promenade of Tel Aviv (and that I love watching) are the masses participating in Israeli folk dancing. 

Israeli folk dancing is a big part of Israel’s history and culture. Near Gordon Beach and on the promenade, a dance session take place every Saturday morning at 11.00 am most of the year, and also from 7:00-11:00 p.m. in the evenings during the hottest months of the summer, June-September. 

The dancers are passionate and do not worry about the weather, they will dance regardless!! Even if you are reluctant to participate (like me) there plenty of people who just sit and enjoy watching the bodies in synchronized motion

Forever Longing to Return

We don't live anymore in Tel Aviv, but often find ourselves gravitating back to Tel Aviv beaches on the weekend, even though we have other beautiful beaches closer to our home.

There is something in the atmosphere in the Tel Aviv beaches that draws us and our grown up kids back there again and again.

Exquisite Coasts Says: Thank you for sharing Tel Aviv's amazing beaches with us Jeanette!

I so love discovering beautiful new beach destinations and this looks like one I really must visit one day.

I'll make sure I keep an eye out for those matkot balls though :-).

P.S. Jeanette is originally from Australia and now calls Israel home... when she isn't travelling the world that is.

Click here to share in the beautiful destinations she explores on her blog.

Sunset in Tel AvivThe end of another perfect day in Tel Aviv

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